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Preparation for your first appointment

Our initial consultation will take place over the phone. This is so we can gather information to inform our assessment decisions, and ensure what we offer suits your needs. We will then make an appointment to meet you and your child. This can be done at your home, or in your child's educational setting. At this visit we will need to sit down with you to gather detailed information, about your concerns and your child's history. It can be useful to have your red book to hand as well as any health or educational reports you may have.


One this is complete we will either see your child the same day, or make a further appointment to complete assessment. This is dependent on which assessments we feel are appropriate. We will discuss this all with you at the time, and explain the process to ensure you are happy.


Once assessment is complete we can provide a report on your request. We will discuss the management options with you, and together we can decide the next steps.


'You really understood my child's needs and now school know how to support him"

"Thank you for all your help - Harry has made great progress and you were very patient!"

"We were really concerned about Millie's speech but your assessment put us at ease"


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